Real partnership is partnership combined by financial participation and is still more than securing of financial resources. Partnership based on financial share in the company creates fixed and long-term relations, which bring to all parties development. Speed, performance, understanding and identification with targets of our partner are basic rules for acquisitions with our clients.

Where we aim our investments

Our investment is focused on majority segments of Czech economy regardless to size of companies (small or medium). Our most often acquisitions are targeted to industry, construction, services and other fields.
Selection of companies suitable for a.m. purposes are done in our Risk management department.

Additional services to our partners.

To our selected partners we deliver wide variety of further services, which directly or indirectly influence and improve their financial management. We offer advisory in field of management of C-F, optimization of their capital structure and further services in relation to size of their capital interconnection with our company.

Common target

Our partners are companies with potential to grow, investors seeking quality opportunities for valuation of their capital. Connection and interconnection bind furthermore all of us to reach with quick pace our common targets, which is nothing less, constant, long-term and sustainable growth.

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